We design and arrange space with the use of multimedia.

We have carried out several dozen various projects – from experimental artistic ventures to large commercial productions.

Every single project gives us an opportunity to work on an entirely different space. We have prepared arrangements for small, cosy places, interiors of both historic and modern buildings, entire architectural structures, various concert and conference halls, as well as art galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, churches, monuments. We also arrange urban space and outdoor areas – parks, streets, amphitheatres, courtyards, façades and entire buildings.

We employ various techniques, solutions and methods of interference with the existing space – make use of first of all projections, light, sound, screens, various– often unusual – projection surfaces, as well as stage setting elements and structures.

What makes us unique is the fact that we are one of few companies frequently using slide projections which in combination with light and video projections allow to achieve three-dimensional effects in space.

We use various visual techniques, both traditional (photography, film, graphic techniques) and digital (graphics, video and computer animations).

We keep on looking, experimenting, and developing our skills and experience. Every single time our aim is to create an unique and original project.

Great diversity of techniques and the choice of the right equipment allow us to create comprehensive installations and multimedia scenography that can be use in any space and situation.

We try not to emphasise the technology as such, but we focus only and exclusively on the effects we manage to achieve with it. By combining multimedia with physical stage scenery elements we achieve exceptionally evocative illusion of space – virtual scenography allowing us to create unique, dynamic and interactive form corresponding to the drama of the event.W wielu miejscach  to wręcz jedyna możliwość scenograficznej ingerencji w zastaną przestrzeń.

We also cooperate with other creators – scenographers, directors, musicians, actors, dancers, choreographers, DJs often on such large-scale ventures as theatrical performances, festivals, concerts, events, or performance art projects.

For years we have been running multimedia workshops for children, teens, artists, and various professional groups.


Ula Milanowska

She creates graphic and motion design,  visual live performance and Vjing. In her works she combines various visual technics and media - graphic design, illustrations, photohraphy, video and computer animation as well as dance and music. She cooperates with other artists in creating many different projects: scenography, multimedia installations, music and theatre performance. She realised series of multimedia workshops for children and teenagers in Poland and Germany.

Sylwek Łuczak

Polish independent artist specialises in visual arts like film, photography, slide and video projections, light and performance. He has big experience in multimedia design, constantly seeking ways to create new forms of multimedia installations and performance, projections and virtual scenographies. He cooperates with many other artists like musicians, performers, directors, actors, designers and Djs. Since 2007 he has been realising films and multimedia workshops for children and youth in partnership with organisation, local authorities and funding bodies.